"The Orb" 2014 Watercolor 40"x29.5"

abstract painting

"Weeping Heart" Watercolor 2009

abstract painting

"The Jewel" Watercolor 2009

abstract painting

"Eye on the Ball" Watercolor/gouache 2009

  • I start a painting by choosing a paper size then a brush.
    Then it is time to choose a color.

  • This is not as simple as it sounds because I usually have
    dried paint left on the palette. So I normally just wet it
    and reuse it if I like it or I add new color until I am happy.

  • Sometimes I just wet the dried paint and mop it up with
    a paper towel and start fresh. Then I just begin by putting
    the clean brush into this paint. To start painting sometimes
    I make a long stroke on one area and make a complementary
    one on the corner.

  • When I start I have absolutely no idea of what I am going
    to paint. I don’t paint outside with a beautiful view or inside
    with a photograph before me. I just paint and change colors as
    I please. I call this right brain or spontaneous painting.

  • A note on paint and paper. I always use 140 cold press
    watercolor paper in either Arches or Fabriano brands. For paint
    I buy paint by the pigment not the name. Thus raw sienna
    is a pigment and I don’t buy substitutes.

  • Another example is cerulean blue, an expensive color. I never
    buy cerulean blue hue which is imitation. All the expensive
    colors have alternatives called hues which are made with other
    pigments to match the same color.

  • Changing brands of paint can be difficult for the artist because
    the binders are not the same. Some paint is very intense and some
    is weak. Some are sticky or pasty.